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Museum of Typography | 7th international poster contest

7th international poster contest Planet Earth at the ecological crossroad The Museum of Typography by Yiannis and Eleni Garedakis announces the 7th International Poster Contest, titled “Planet Earth at the ecological crossroad”. At the peak of the climate crisis, the message of environmental awareness is required to reach as many of us as possible. The poster as “messenger” plays its own part in this global effort to save the planet. The contest will take place from Monday, 7 November 2022 until Friday, 10 March 2023. The poster should be accompanied by a short explanatory text explaining its content and purpose. The invitation mainly concerns professionals and students of graphic and visual arts. The 30 posters selected by the jury (the members of which will be announced soon) will receive honorary distinctions and the first three will receive significant cash prizes. • 2.000 euros the first winner • 1.500 euros the second winner • 1.000 euros the third winner These posters will be p