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Generation X

[EN] Generation X "Adventure without risk is like Disneyland». This is the title of the 29th chapter of the famous book by Douglas Coupland «Generation X: Tales for an Accelerated Culture» and undoubtedly illustrates a characteristic of a whole generation, the «X» generation. Demographically speaking this generation is determined based on the birth date from the mid 1960s until 1980, while ideologically it managed to balance skilfully between the album «Nevermind» of «Nirvana» and «The Battle of Los Angeles» of «Rage Against The Machine ». History scholars argue that in relation to its social dimension, successive generations fall into one of four basic archetypes and represent one of the four repeated cycles of social cycles. The archetypes are the prophet, the nomad, the hero and the artist and the cycles are the peak, the wakening, the doubt and the crisis. The generation «X» falls in the last archetypal form, that of the artist - creator, with the generic theoretical sense,

Creativity & Originality | Δημιουργικότητα και Πρωτοτυπία

[ΕΝ] Creativity and Originality 
 “Creativity requires the courage to leave behind any certainty". Having connected his name with the philosophical and social movement of the critical view of society in the 1930s and the Institute for social studies of the Frankfurt School, Erich Fromm, with his penetrating psychoanalytic talent tried, with the above phrase, to delimit the concept of creativity. A concept closely related to the profession of Visual communication Designe. With the term "certainty" Erich Fromm essentially implies the set of all those best practices and techniques that, on one hand have proved their value as a reliable solution for some trivial problems but on the other hand they are not sufficient for dealing with those situations that require to sail into the unknown. For a graphic designer who treats the subject of his work with consistency and professionalism the challenge of creativity is primarily the opportunity, not the reason for his quest into

Back to school | Επιστροφή στα Θρανία

[EN] Back to school Chapter Client, with "C" uppercase, please. Well, what a chapter? A whole book I would say, for traditional readers, or 2 billion results in half a second for those who prefer the online search. This idiosyncratic species of Homo Erectus admittedly is the driving force of the industry of Visual communication but also the first accessory suspected, for, out of warranty, hardware failure. A designer can spent the best years of his youth in studying at universities and colleges, plunged into the uncharted waters of Gestalt theory and without any prior experience to emerge to the surface, like the multi-talented theoretical of physics sciences and self-taught swimmer Theodor Kaluza, but in the battle for the creation of an adequate and satisfactory list of customers he should look for arrows for his quiver elsewhere. There are times when I miss the carefree period of my school years when all seemed either so trivial or so important in our teenage eyes and